Jessika Rabbit is all about flattering and cheeky cuts to accentuate curves and femininity.  An Australian owned brand but born in the festivals of Europe, the idea to create my own label all started as a dream 8 years ago.  After a lot of saving my first action was to buy 40kg of hippy/beach dresses and bikinis in Thailand, which I dragged through 10 countries in Europe.  In retrospect not the easiest option (jewellery would have been lighter) but the experience assured me I wanted to be a designer.  I shopped and travelled through another 17 countries after that looking for local inspirations to influence my future designs.  I dreamt of making something versatile that could be worn in a variety of ways; because carrying 40kg+ around the world was hard work! 

Growing up on the Gold Coast we joke that we don’t have a winter. What we have is humidity year-round and summer’s so hot you barely want to wear clothes.  In my teenage years we spent most of our time in swimwear.  Bikinis and swimwear become a big part of your wardrobe and literally a part of your fashion.  Not much has changed.  Weekends are made up of pool parties and beach days followed by beach bars.  So my first designs are based on swimwear you can wear straight in to that pool, beach or bar … so that finally we have a fashion that suits our lifestyle!


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